Sunday, May 12, 2013

If I had 300 Dollars...

If I had 300 Dollars...

Embroidered top

White top

Red denim shorts

White Glitter Sugar Skull Tee

I was explaining to my boyfriend last week that shopping (specifically online shopping) is such a stress reliever.  He personally hates shopping and dreads even going to Target with me.  So he suggested a new take on my favorite stress reliever: window shopping.  That's right Laura, don't buy a thing!  I have been keeping this in mind the last few days and have simply been going to my favorite online retailers, loading up the shopping cart within a certain budget, and then stepping away from the computer.  It gives me my fix of looking at cute clothes without taking the hit on my credit card.  Thanks for the suggestion, John!

So today I decided to try and faux-purchase some summer essentials from Torrid.  I gave myself an imaginary budget of three-hundred dollars and think I made out quite well, considering almost everything was full priced!  You know a love me a fatkini, but I nearly died when I saw this cute retro-esque bathing suit.  It reminds me of a sailor.  I "nabbed" a couple of flowy, white, summertime tops as well as a sugar skull top, which I always seem to end up buying from torrid.  Am I morbid for loving skulls so much?  We have a pair of raspberry coloured shorts at AE that we just can't seem to keep on the shelves, but I found a dupe on the Torrid website!  And surprisingly they actually had them in my size.

Do you ever online window shop, or is it just me?  And do you have any tips or tricks to help me curb my spending or save some money when it comes to clothing?

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  1. I do this all the time! Especially at torrid as shipping to Australia is $40 for just one item!