Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Curves around the World: Little Black Dress

Tonight is my younger brother's high school graduation!  I am so excited for him - and am also excited for an opportunity to dress up!  This lacy black dress from ASOS has been sitting in my closet for several months.  I am not sure what made me pick it over all of my other black dresses, but I am glad I did because it fits me so well!

I didn't accessorize much with this outfit.  A) Because my hair is blue and B) because all of my jewelery is in boxes being organized right now!  I did however decide to photograph my matching hair and nails. Matching counts as accessorizing, right?!

Check out my fellow bloggers in their little black dresses this week!

Kate from Australia


  1. Oh that's is a cute lace dress and I think your hair matching your nails counts as accessorizing! :)


  2. love how your hair acts as an accessory - that nail polish is marvellous - your LBD is perfect, love lace


  3. Gorgeous dress!! I love lace dresses. I love your blue hair too.

  4. Blue hair and matching nails definitely counts! Looks great. Very Katy Perry. Love the lace too!! Hope your bro had a great graduation! x


  5. Your hair looks AMAZING!!! I love that you matched your nails! x