Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Curves Around the World: Statement Necklace

As you can see there is something a little more "statement" about me than usual.  Yep, I went from purple to BLUE!

I have a lot of bold necklaces, but something about this feather necklace got my attention today.  I got this for two bucks at an H&M a few years ago - quite the steal.  I am off to work to sell some fantastic clothes!  Have a great one! :)


  1. Firstly, loving the new hair girl! Secondly that necklace was a total steal. It looks great with the outfit!

  2. Your hair is great, I love the new color of it! :) Oh man you got that necklace for $2, what a great deal! The feather necklace looks great and it really is a beautiful statement piece!


  3. Love the blue hair!!!! Great necklace. Makes me want to pat it!

  4. Wow, Laura!!! You are such a brave woman - your hair is awesome and that necklaces matches that awesomeness. I think I have to put colouring my hair blue in my Bucket List for the next summer. Cheers gal..


  5. You look amazing! I love that necklace, and the shape of the dress is really pretty.